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Hallo !

I´m Martin Wilhelm,

a 71 years old engineer for electronic measurement and control techniques. For nearly 43 years I worked at the Hahn-Meitner-Institut, Berlin, Germany ( now Helmholz Zentrum Berlin ) in the departments electronics, radiation-chemistry and solarenergy. In summer 2004 I retired. Since then I´m working for a solarcell manufacturer as a consultant for scanning electronmicroscopy and x-ray spectroscopy (EDS/WDS).

For about 25 year I was responsible for the operability of a high- frequency linear accelerator for electrons (LINAC). A single section machine for max. 16MeV and max. 4A beamcurrent at pulswidthes of 1.5ns to 5µs for pulsradiolysis work. As we synchronized the electron injection with the radiofrequency of 1.3Ghz, we got a time resolution of 60ps, determined by the response of a vacuum-photodiode. The bunch of the electronbeam itself was about 6 - 8ps wide only. My probably most lucky time in my working life had been 13 years of technical and scientific cooperation with the working group of Prof. G Stark, a biophysicist at the University of Konstanz, Germany.

My first computer program I wrote for a ZUSE Z6 in Fortran. The Z6 was driven by Gemanium transistors, had 16KB of magneticcore memory and a terrific fast 300KB big drum store, which rotated with about 1500 tpm. Nevertheles, I learned what an algorithm is, but I did not extend this later on very much.

The time of LINACs for our kind of research ended slowly with the advent of highly flexible high energetic pulsed lasers, which I also maintained. Furthermore our working field changed over photo-electro-chemistry to solarenergy and I took over the responsibility for the scanning-electronmicroscope(s) with x-ray spectroscopy (EDS/WDS) and designed and build several measurement places.

During the last 5 years I modernized the electronmicroscopy facilities thoroughly and had a deep look into theory and practice.

With my wife I´m married since 47 years and we have two nice children, who are living in nearly diametral directions and much to far away from us.

In my spare time I enjoy jogging, bicycling and walking in the country and mountains, I enjoy classical music and other arts. Within the last about 20 years I became more and more interested in astronomy, reading regularly high-quality, popular-scientific periodica. Since I heard in spring 2005 about the search for gravitational waves by the BOINC-project Einstein@Home, I try to crunch this as much as possible.


30.11.2010 , Berlin , Germany